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In the beginning of 2017, the wingsuit Jet Project was born.
With the goal of flying a wingsuit with jet power, allowing effortless free movement through the sky with sustained level flight and climb.

Through a series of test flights, the gear was designed and tested step by step.
A special fuel tank mounted next to the parachute, the engines and custom jet boots.

The engines are two micro turbine engines capable of delivering 80 kg thrust
Electric (EDF) is in terms of fuel/power density, output and thrust still no match to fuel based turbine engines.

The completed setup was flown for the first time from a hot air balloon, summer of 2017.
Flying with engines at 75% thrust, sustained level flight was achieved for a duration of 3 minutes.
Increased fuel load in future will extend that flight time to around 5 / 6 minutes.

The new and more aerodynamic design is projected to get a sustained climb of around 1000 ft per minute
The new design also creates a more user friendly setup, easier to wear and use.


I'm currently working with an aerobatic aircraft builder

to create a new and more advanced design.

The new setup should be the start of an exciting new chapter in the project aimed at airshows, stunts and public demonstrations with maximum exposure.

The aim is spring 2021 testing in de wind tunnel
with powered flights start of summer in the big blue sky.



The project so far is fully self funded,
with no commitment to outside brands or sponsors.
I am currently looking for a company to partner with, and develop a mutual beneficial relationship that leads to advances in the project and worldwide exposure of your company or brand.

Contact me for more information and details.
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