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We offer high quality aerial cinematography and skydiving and base jumping stunts for film, television and promotional events.

Based in Switzerland, our team members are experts
in the field or aerial stunts with a background in AV/post-production giving them a clear understanding of the Film and Commercial production process and professional communication.

We're able to assist in script, storyboard and planning or technical advice for your production. Facilitating and organizing highly specialized aerial stunts, backed by more than 20 years of experience in the Field.


Wingsuit Team FLB is one of the world's most experienced wingsuit teams and current Champion and World Cup winner at both Indoor Wingsuit Flying and FAI/ISC Skydiving.

The team represents Switzerland at a world level as the National Wingsuit Team. We have a broad resume, and are able to safely execute display jumps for your promotional shoot, media item or public event.


We are able to source from a broad talent pool of select world class wingsuit pilots to provide bigger groups should the assignment demand so. We are able to work worldwide.


The team is able to work 'white label' without obligations to other sponsors or brands, and able to assist in custom gear orders tailored to your project.

We are able to train and work with actors for Indoor Wingsuit Flying
and provide a realstic environment for greenscreen

or virtual LED Volume



We have worked with brands and media outlets such as:

Intel, KFC, McDonalds, Red Bull, Ministry of Defense,
State Department, Fitbit and Cadbury Chocolate, Intel, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, MSNBC, BBC and ProSieben.

We have been featured with stunts in Movies and TV Commercials
In the following projects:

Operation Red Sea (China Film)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Show)

Barkley Card (UK Commercial)

Hero next to Hero (Saudi Arabia Commercial)

Cadbury 'Milk Tray Man' (UK Commercial)
Amber Arcades (NL Video Clip)

Fitbit GPS (UK Commercial)
Deutschland von Oben 2012 / 2013 / 2014 (DE Docu) 
National Geographic - Jet Powered Wingsuit



We organize company events and seminars on optimal performance during high stress situations. Combined with Windtunnel or Skydiving experience for all attendees, a guaranteed succes for your promotional or teambuilding event.

Contact us for more information and details.
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