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1 on 1 coaching, load organizing, safety seminars or coach training on your own home dropzone.
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We are always available for 1 on 1 coaching in Skydiving, WS Tunnel and/or WS BASE
at home in Switzerland, or at a dropzone or location of your choice



Contact us for availability and bookings


Skills Camp 29 August - 2 September/ Hungary

WS Coaching and Load Organizing / Jarno and Jenna



Skills Camp 12-26 November / Venezuela

WS Coaching and Load Organizing / Jarno and Jenna



Dates announced soon
Start of 2023 we will resume organizing FlyLikeBrick Wingsuit Tunnel Camps

at an exciting new location and cheaper hourly price.
Interested? Message us for more information on dates, pricing and more!


The experience of a lifetime
Skydive in front of the Iconic Eiger Mountain in Switzerland as a wingsuit or canopy flight. Make the most amazing skydive of your life, with a dedicated coach/cameraman right there with you, to document the full experience. We will take off from Lauterbrunnen Valley by helicopter, and fly right up the famous Jungfrau, and exit next to the Iconic Jungfrau Joch observatory. 

The amazing visual of looking up at mountains (at a safe distance) right next to you during freefall,
all the while having a safe altitude above ground using your normal skydiving gear.
The experience is provided by FLB Wingsuit Team. 
Each jump has a dedicated lead/coach and outside photo/video.


Registration Information
3 Persons - 575,- Euro Per Person
6 Persons - 450,- Euro Per Person
9 Persons - 400,- Euro Per Person

12 Persons - 375,- Euro Per Person

​This event is possible to be organized all year round, for group sizes of 3 and up.
Smaller group size also possible, at higher rates (fixed price for helicopter).
As the Eiger experience is very susceptible fluctuations in weather,

it's advised to account for minimum 2 or 3 days to create a sufficient time window to make the jump(s).

It's possible to arrange additional LO, Coaching on the dropzone or local mountain tours

and 1st hand observation of wingsuit BASE jumps on an exit point. Contact us for more information.