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Become a BASE jumper


Wingsuit Team FlyLikeBrick offers a variety of BASE specific courses aimed at slider down, tracking and wingsuit BASE.

These coach training events are possible to be organized all year round, taught individually or up to 2 persons max.

Courses are taught locally in Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

All courses taught are based on giving you a safe entry into the sport of BASE jumping, and not linked to any specific brand of gear.

All courses include full theory sessions, packing instruction, practical guidance and video.
Own gear is recommended, but possible to rent.

Course fee does not include coach travel/expenses.

Note: All BASE courses demand a minimum experience of 500 Skydives
For Wingsuit BASE a minimum experience of 400 Wingsuit Skydives is recommended.

Contact us for dates and more information.
Be aware selection is based on experience, attitude and personality.
We can not guarantee acceptance of all students for the various BASE courses.


Full guidance, object evaluation, gear knowledge and more.
Learn packing and slider down BASE.
Taught on a forgiving location, 120 meter altitude in Netherlands.

Course Information

400,- Euro Per Day + Expenses
Minimum 3 days recommended
5-7 days for optimal experience

50% down payment at time of booking.


Learn packing and Wingsuit BASE. Taught in Italy (Brento) and Switzerland (Italy)
1 on 1 Guidance through various exits, building up towards becoming a safe and responsible wingsuit BASE jumper.  

Course Information

400,- Euro Per Day + Expenses
Minimum 4 days recommended
10-14 days for dual Italy/Switzerland experience, including higher jumps.

50% down payment at time of booking.

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