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World Champion Wingsuit Team FLB offers aerial cinematography, stunts and high quality coaching catering to all experience levels.
With a broad resume of competitive results and world championship title, a background in Skydiving and Wingsuit Base jumping, and over 1000 hours of wingsuit tunnel experience, coaches Jarno Cordia and Jenna Gygi are the world's leading experts in human flight.
"Our goals in teaching go beyond the basics.
We work to create an understanding of input and movement
to make you fully in control and aware of every aspect of flight."

FlyLikeBrick is the number one choice
for wingsuit education and training.



FLB Wingsuit Team is based in Switzerland.
All year round we offer wingsuit coaching
and event organizing on dropzones around the globe.
Our coaching is aimed at skydivers
and base jumpers looking to improve their skills in acro, flocking,
xrw, performance flying and first flight courses.

Our events are run with two dedicated coaches,
expert briefings, high quality skydives and additional seminars, 
aimed at making the most out of your jumps,
making you learn faster and progress to the best of your abilities.
We believe that working as a team provides our students
with a more complete and wider set of skills and knowledge.


Wingsuit Team FLB is available for coaching and events.
We can be booked either individually or as a 2 person team.

Booking can be made for a full day or more.
It's possible to share a coach between 2 or more students.

In case of coaching locally in Switzerland ,

we charge only dayfee and slots.

In case of coaching abroad, we charge dayfee, expenses and travel.

We are able to organize scenic jump locations and custom aircraft per request. We coach a maximum group size of 5 per coach, for optimal progression and safety.

To book, simply contact us via Social Media
or send an email to



1 on 1 Coaching & Events (local and events)
300 Euro per coach / per day
+ Coach slots

1 on 1 Coaching & LO / Events (private / on site)
350 Euro per coach / per day
+ Coach slots / Expenses

1 on 1 Coaching WS BASE 
400 Euro per coach / per day
+ Expenses


Wingsuit Team FLB have been pioneers in wingsuit tunnel from the first hour,
test flying the first prototype tunnel in 2016, as key innovators in applying

the already established outdoor coaching standards and progression to wingsuit tunnel use.

Since 2018 we have run 30 wingsuit tunnel camps,

and taught over 250 students to safely fly in the wingsuit tunnel environment,

coaching flying technique of the highest standard from our own syllabus.

FLB wingsuit tunnel camp dates will resume start of 2023.
Keep an eye on our social media accounts, and the event page for more information.

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